Our people


ASSIST Sheffield is a charity with around 400 volunteers, some of whom are themselves asylum seekers. The work we do is totally dependant their efforts and dedication. We value them all.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers,  if you’d like to get involved, please contact us.

We have an experienced Board of Trustees and a small number of paid workers.


I am actively involved in the team that deals with accounting, budgeting and reporting of financial data.


 I first got involved in ASSIST in 2012, in the role of trustee, as I was keen to learn more about charity governance.

My involvement with ASSIST began in around 2008 as a volunteer on Helpdesk. I became a trustee in 2009.

 I joined the charity following my retirement from a career in the NHS where I worked in a management capacity.

I have volunteered for ASSIST in the accommodation section since 2015. I became a Trustee in July 2017.

I became a trustee in July 2017 after a period of volunteering in France and Greece working with refugees.

I started my career at a housing association supporting asylum seekers under the NASS contract.

I joined ASSIST in 2012 after my wife, who works as a volunteer for the charity, told me they were looking to recruit more trustees.

Pia Kerridge

I have been a Trustee for ASSIST since 2014. My background before retiring and joining ASSIST was in Education.

I am currently Joint Chair and I was one of the founders of ASSIST in 2003. Before then I was involved in Conversation Club...


I first became a Trustee for ASSIST in March 2015 and am now Joint Chair. I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2014. 

Leadership Team

Clive Last

I joined ASSIST in 2014. I volunteer for the Admin Team working mainly on Welfare Payments.

I manage our emergency accommodation and I am responsible for the night-shelter, hosting and housing teams.

I am the Resource Manager.  Areas that fall under my remit include Finances, Events, Fundraising & Awareness...

I have been volunteering for ASSIST since 2008 and am currently a member of the Leadership Team.

I am ASSIST's Client Support Manager. I am responsible for managing all of our frontline teams that directly support clients.


I am the Volunteering Coordinator. My responsibilities include recruiting new volunteers...

I am the Community and Events Officer. I support volunteers in running a variety of events, raising both money and awareness. 

I write grant applications and work with funders to bring in income that supports ASSIST's work.

I am  Finance Officer, responsible for ensuring the smooth and accountable running of ASSIST’s financial functions.

I am the Community, Events and Grants Officer. I am responsible for supporting our volunteers to run our events...

I am Office Coordinator. I am responsible for our rooms in Victoria Hall and for ensuring our office base, systems...