Jam Tidy

I joined the Assist family in January 2022 with over 15 years experience working in Finance for SME’s and Charities. I specialise in digitisation and simplification of systems to make financial matters easier to comprehend and manage for the entire Team. I became a British citizen in 2003, and also moved to Spain and Vietnam where I experienced being in an unfamiliar country without having friends, family, work or knowing the language or culture. I realised if, as an English speaker choosing to relocate, I felt desperation and loneliness, how infinitely more so it was for people seeking sanctuary! Recognising my privilege I strive to be an ally for those who don’t have a choice. Working at Assist allows me to train volunteers with lived experience of migration to learn finance skills that will help them gain employment once they get LTR, which is incredibly rewarding. In my spare time I like hiking and running in the Peak District, volunteering on community allotments, growing unusual edible plants and learning languages.