Tell your people

The more Sheffield people who know about asylum and about the work of ASSIST the better.

You can help us to spread the word by:

  • Inviting us to speak at community groups, organisations or schools you’re involved with
  • Invite us to speak at your work place
  • Inviting us to bring our stall to any events you’re involved with
  • Sharing this website with as many people as you can
  • Liking us on Facebook, and inviting your friends to do the same
  • Following us on Twitter, and retweeting our campaigns
  • Or let us know if you’d like us to send you some leaflets or other publicity materials

During the Covid-19 pandemic we can't attend events in person but we're happy to speak at virtual events.

Whenever we speak to a new group of people about ASSIST we try to involve one of our clients so that they can tell their own story. Nothing conveys the reality of life within the Uk asylum system as powerfully as hearing the story of someone who has first-hand experience.

Contact us at Include your phone number and we’ll get back to you to arrange a date and to agree the best approach to bringing our message to you.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and members of your group, school or organisation.