Places to go

Make contact with ASSIST

If your application for asylum has been turned down and you need our support, you can find us at the Multi-Agency Drop-In every Wednesday between 1-3pm at Victoria Hall, S1 2JB. 

More information about this can be found here:

The Sanctuary

For support from Sheffield City of Sanctuary please phone...

07419 348 379 if you are someone who is seeking asylum or

07421 313 518 if you are a refugee

The Sanctuary on Chapel Walk is a place where you can go for information, advice and support. It is somewhere you can feel safe, whatever your race, religion, sexuality, status, political opinion or mental or physical ability.

The Sanctuary is managed by City of Sanctuary, Sheffield. It is an open door through which you can come to chat, meet local people, use a computer, have a cup of tea, read the paper, or simply sit and keep warm.

For opening hours please go to the City of Sanctuary website.

The Asylum Journey

The Asylum Journey website is designed for use by organisations, not people seeking sanctuary themselves.

Whatever stage of the asylum process someone is at, the Asylum Journey website will tell you where they can get support. It provides a range of information and advice about the services and resources available to people within the asylum process in Sheffield, including...

  • legal advice
  • financial support
  • health and social care
  • housing and accommodation
  • places to spend time and meet people

Go to the Asylum Journey Website (  (Opens in a new window)