Leave a gift in your Will

Why remember ASSIST in your Will?

We understand that family and loved ones come first. But after they have been provided for in your Will, leaving a gift to ASSIST is a great way to bestow hope, support and stability to people who need it.

“Supporting vulnerable asylum seekers in Sheffield will be my legacy; it costs nothing during my lifetime but will have a powerful impact in the future.” Helena, ASSIST Supporter

Why legacies are important to us

Our wish is that we will always be around to help those in need, but to do that we need funding. Through the security of donations from our supporters, we will be able to ensure that we are here in Sheffield for those people who are seeking asylum and who need most need our support. A vital component of this are legacy donations.

Over time, we have had to accept that the issues our clients face are ongoing and the UK’s asylum system may not change as quickly as we would like. Receiving legacies means that we will have the financial stability to offer accommodation, information and support to people who would otherwise have nothing.

How do I leave a gift to ASSIST?

**Please note that the contents of this page are not intended to constitute legal advice. Anyone wishing to leave a gift to us in their will is advised to seek their own professional advice. You can find a list of solicitors and Will writers on the 'Remember a Charity' website.**

Leaving a gift in your Will is straightforward. Here are some steps to make it as easy as possible: 

  1. Add up the estimated value of your estate and make a list of people/organisations that you would like to leave money, property or possessions to.
  2. Appoint at least one Executor to carry out the terms of your Will.
  3. We suggest visiting a solicitor or legal advisor to create or update your Will. Further down on this page are some examples of wording that we would propose you use if you were to include a gift to ASSIST.
  4. It is important to include the charity number and address of ASSIST in your Will. As well as this, you should also be as clear as possible about what you would like to leave, and the amount.  
  5. You may want to ask your legal advisor to keep a copy of your Will to ensure that it is stored safely.
  6. Finally, if you do decide to remember ASSIST in your Will, thank you so much. Your gift will help us in our efforts to ensure people are kept warm, safe and supported throughout their asylum journey.

How can I add a legacy for ASSIST to an existing Will?

To add a legacy to an existing Will, all you need is a codicil form. You can add a codicil for any minor changes to your will, including the addition of a charity. When speaking to your solicitor they will advise you if a codicil is the best option for you. It’s a simple process, and to make it even easier download our free ASSIST codicil form.

Some suggested wording for solicitors

Wording for a residuary gift (a percentage):

'I give my Residuary Estate [residuary estate will need to have been defined elsewhere in the will and is a gift made after deductions of debts, taxes and expenses, which usually fall on residue] to ASSIST Sheffield of Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2JB, Charitable Incorporated Organisation Number 1154862.'

Wording for a Pecuniary gift (a specified amount): 

'I give the sum of [£ in words and numbers] absolutely to ASSIST Sheffield of Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2JB and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or any other proper authorised officer of any charity benefiting under my will shall be a sufficient discharge for my Trustees who shall not be concerned as to the application of any gifts or payment.'

Our details

If you decide you’d like to include a gift to ASSIST, you need to know our registered charity number and address:

ASSIST Sheffield
Victoria Hall Methodist Church
Norfolk Street
S. Yorkshire
S1 2JB
Charitable Incorporated Organisation number: 1154862

‘I've seen for myself the life-changing work ASSIST are doing. By leaving them a gift in my Will I can help ensure they are always there to help the most vulnerable asylum seekers in our city. That's a good legacy to leave.’ -Mark, ASSIST Volunteer