ASSIST Switches to 100% Green Energy

July 4, 2019
Wind turbines in a field on a sunny day

ASSIST Sheffield is pleased to announce that we have switched to a renewable green energy supplier, Ecotricity, in all of our housing. We are conscientious about the ethical implications of how we spend our funding. It is essential for us as a charity to minimise our ecological footprint, doing everything we can to secure a sustainable future for all.

“Ecotricity seemed the obvious choice for ASSIST Sheffield. We wanted a green energy supplier that we were confident would spend our supporters' money with integrity and offer a great service!” - ASSIST Leadership team

Ecotricity provide electricity from 100% renewable energy sources and frack-free green gas. They are constantly investing in new renewable energy sources and sustainable projects to secure a greener future for Britain.

With our 8th house opened this year, thanks to our generous donors, we are using more energy than ever. We are proud that your donations are not only heating, lighting, and running houses for refused asylum seekers, but doing so in a way that considers the bigger picture.

Environmental degradation is likely to be one of the biggest causes of transnational migration in years to come, with disproportionate effects on less economically developed countries. It is essential that all sectors work together to protect our planet, no organisation should be exempt from our collective responsibility.