Our involvement in research

ASSIST's involvement in research

At ASSIST Sheffield we're keen to be involved in research that is beneficial for the charity, fully costed, conducted ethically, and in-line with data protection protocols. In deciding which research projects to collaborate with our first consideration is to ensure we're protecting our clients, staff, volunteers, resources, and reputation.

Our research objectives

  • To develop a research base which can directly inform ASSIST practices and campaigns
  • To share research publicly in order to inform public debate and wider campaigns against asylum destitution
  • To collaborate with researchers and make sure that research in which we participate supports our aims, values, and goals as a charity
  • To manage the impact of research on our limited resources (through full costings of time) and on our clients, staff, volunteers (ensuring high ethical standards)
  • To heighten client voices in our practices and campaigns
  • To move from ‘awareness’ (i.e. making people aware of what we do) to ‘impact’ (i.e. affecting change in line with our charity objectives) 

How to propose a research collaboration

If you're interested in proposing a research collaboration with us you should first read our Anti-racist Statement and our Vision, Mission and Core Values which you can find on About usSuccessful proposals will explicitly match our Mission and Values and accord with our Ant-racist policy.

Then you should complete and submit this form .

Please provide as much detail as possible, so we can make an informed decision on whether to collaborate with your project. 

Reports and outputs from our previous research collaborations

Cities of Sanctuary in Environments of Hostility: Competing and Contrasting Migration Infrastructures by Dr Aidan Mosselson University of Edinburgh

Civil Society filling the Gaps: Supporting Asylum Seekers at the Local Level by Dr. Lucy Mayblin and Poppy James

The "Minor" Politics of Rightful Presence: Justice and Relationality in City of Sanctuary by V Squire and Jonathan Darling