ASSIST increase welfare payments for destitute asylum seekers

May 29, 2019
Cash and a bus pass

With thanks to all our supporters, we have been able to increase our welfare payments to our clients who are not in long term accommodation. We are very unique in that 100% of the monthly donations that come to ASSIST go directly to our clients. Our supporters know their money is being put to the best use possible, giving dignity and freedom of choice to destitute asylum seekers.

We currently support up to 100 clients per week with welfare payments and last year 68 clients had a room in one of our houses up from 41 the year before.

We know that accommodation is appreciated overwhelmingly by our clients and we have been able to increase space steadily thanks to our supporters. However, the increase in welfare payments goes some way in addressing the hardship faced by those who are not in accommodation. We are able to signpost people to free meals and food banks, to the City of Sanctuary clothing bank, leisure activities such at Sheffield University Film unit and football at FURD, and English classes at Learning for Life but these opportunities and services can't provide everything. Cash provides the privacy and dignity of choice, toiletries, money to call family and friends or an opportunity to buy a small treat.

Payments have been set at £10 and a bus pass or £20 per week for all clients for several years but we are pleased to have increased them to £15 and a bus pass or £25 per week for clients that are not in long term accommodation. Monthly donations from over 200 regular supporters gives us the confidence to make sustainable long term changes to our services in response to our clients' needs. These donations are therefore of great importance to our income.

If you would be interested in giving monthly please find details on our website.