Victor will not be removed from the UK in the next three months

This message from Gill Furniss MP was received at 5pm on 13 February...

“I am incredibly pleased that following my interventions with the Home Office and a petition of over 7500 people we have now secured a three month window in which Victor will not be removed from the UK. However, Victor remains detained at Morton Hall and work to release him is continuing.”

“The outpouring of support for such a valued member of our community has been amazing and has played no small part in ensuring for now, Victor is safe. My team and I will be working over the coming weeks to help Victor return to his family and secure his future in Sheffield.”

A huge thank you to Gill from everyone at ASSIST.

Since we received Gill's message the number of people who have signed our petition calling for Victor to be freed and for no asylum seekers to be deported to Zimbabwe has risen to an incredible 55,000.

It's not too late to sign! Go to​