How we're doing - March 2021

Cash payments - Clients are receiving increased monthly payments.

Weekly phone contact is taking place to check clients are okay and have everything they need.

Remote casework is underway to support clients with health, housing and immigration signposting and advocacy. 

Food is arranged by distributing foodbank vouchers. Open Kitchen Social provides weekly hot food deliveries.

Legal progress has been slow for many clients because solicitors have been furloughed or are difficult to get hold of. This is a cause of anxiety.

Accommodation - 39 people are currently staying in accommodation provided by ASSIST. A further six people are being housed by the Council as part of their emergency response.  

Housing - We have completed the refurbishment of our ninth house which will be taken into use imminently to rehouse some of the people currently housed by Sheffield City Council.

Hosts are being kept in contact, many of them would like to continue hosting when it is safe to do so.

The night shelter is unlikely to reopen any time soon, but we are continuing to review the situation as restrictions are being lifted. 

The Client Communication Group is a new initiative to ensure that our services meet client’s needs. We talk to all clients monthly about what they most want from our services.

Easing of lockdown restrictions is being planned for. We are collaborating with clients, volunteers and staff on this redesign and updating our volunteer training programme in preparation for in face-to-face volunteering when this is possible.