Wumi, House Visitor

The current void which inhibits asylum-seekers from accessing adequate accommodation concerns me enough to get involved at a grass roots level.

Initially I was unaware of the serious plight asylum-seekers face living in Britain. I confess that I do not fully comprehend the monumental sacrifices each individual makes when deciding to leave their country.
Also my knowledge regarding the high level of asylum applicants that are presented in the UK annually and the wide ranging complexities of each claim was vague-the asylum path is by no means straight forward.

Volunteering with ASSIST has allowed me to gain a theoretical understanding of both UK housing and immigration policy, whilst at the same time it has  enabled me to be of some practical help to those living in ASSIST accommodation. I feel privileged to be able to volunteer with a Charity that tirelessly devotes itself to addressing the fundamental housing needs of asylum-seekers in Sheffield.