Souleymane, House Visitor

I joined ASSIST in 2010 as a volunteer on the helpdesk and at the night shelter, when I was a refused asylum seeker.

I am currently a house visitor volunteer and now have the right to stay in the country. Although I am helping vulnerable people at ASSIST, ASSIST has also given me a life-changing experience. I have met people that I would never meet in my life if it were not for ASSIST; learning different cultures, appreciating what I've got, improving my English and experience that gives me the job of my dreams today and above all, I've met friends for life that I can call family now.

Volunteering for ASSIST gives me huge satisfaction by seeing someone who's completely dehumanized by the Home Office and thinking there is no hope to have a better life in this country, but ASSIST Sheffield will help them become someone again, to have a future in this country, faith, and trust in the British people.