Eltayeb, Interpreter Team volunteer

When I came to UK as an immigrant I felt lost and confused about everything - the system, the way of life, social services and the language of course! Thankfully, I was working with an English company in my country and other countries, so I had a good level of understanding and could communicate. Understanding the accent was a bit tricky, but after a month I started to cope with the changes.

I've always wanted to help out in my own community, so I started to help by translating and interpreting for Arabic speakers at the bank, the local council, and across other public services. In 2013, I was helping a Yemeni woman who was seeking support from ASSIST during her asylum process . The case worker noticed that I had a high level of English, and asked if I was willing to help interpret for them with other cases. This was the start of my journey with ASSIST as a Volunteer Interpreter. It has been very interesting, and I have learned a lot. I love helping other people, and I have learned from refugees about the obstacles they've had to overcome and the suffering they have dealt with in order to lead a good life. It has given me the opportunity to meet new people, and to help asylum seekers feel that they have a home and support after the difficulties they have faced. 

I have really enjoyed working with ASSIST, even more so now I'm a Team Leader.