Get our help

How to make contact with us

If you are a refused asylum seeker and in need of ASSIST’s support please phone 0300 2010072.

What happens next

An ASSIST volunteer will talk to you to find out more about your situation and your needs. We will provide you with initial support and direct you to other organisations here in Sheffield which may be able to help you.

Because of limited funds, ASSIST prioritises individuals with absolutely no other means of support...that is people with no financial support from other sources and no help from other organisations or individuals. We also give priority to people who may be particularly vulnerable, including those who are elderly, pregnant or unwell.

How we can help

  • We provide emergency accommodation
  • We arrange temporary accommodation in one of our houses or with host families
  • We provide small weekly welfare payments for things like food
  • We provide bus passes which clients can use to attend medical, legal and Home Office appointments
  • We help people access other sources of help, including other charities, Food Banks (we sometimes provide Food Bank vouchers) and the Mulberry Health Clinic.