A big shout out to all our fundraisers

June 3, 2019
Ian runs the London Marathon for ASSIST

Lots of people in Sheffield fundraise for ASSIST in all sorts of different and inspiring ways. This year alone two people have run the Sheffield Half Marathon, Ian ran the London Marathon for us (again!) and someone is doing the Great North Swim. Couples have asked their wedding guests to give, supporters celebrating big birthdays have asked for donations to ASSIST instead of presents.

This income is so important. In the fundraising world we call it ‘unrestricted’ because we can spend it on whatever we think is the best use of the money within our charitable aims. At ASSIST none of these donations are spent on staff costs. They all go to our charitable work such as the housing we provide, our night shelter, the welfare payments and bus passes we provide for our clients, volunteer training and expenses.

Thank you to each and every person who has donated to ASSIST over the years, either directly or via a friend.

We also work hand in hand with other organisations to raise money for ASSIST. Here volunteer Carmel Page tells us about an example of a fundraising project that also has added benefits for our clients. 

Sheffield is a creative city. Not just for its artwork but for its ability to make connections. ASSIST clients often have nowhere to go. Sheffield Christadelphians had a church that was empty for much of the time. They made a connection with ASSIST and there is now an art group based at the church where clients can relax, paint and draw or play games. Some of them have brought arts skills with them to the UK, some have little experience of art but they find that they can express how they feel, or escape from their stress, when they pick up a paintbrush.

Some of the artwork they make is printed in the form greeting cards. We have to explain that we can't pay the artists, as they are not allowed to earn, but so far everyone has been pleased to see their images professionally printed. People all around Sheffield reach out to ASSIST when they are organising events to invite us to have a stall, giving out information about our work and selling cards. The cards help people to make a connection with our clients especially as they often have the artist's name printed on the back. All of the profit from the card sales, where ever they happen, goes to supporting ASSIST clients.

Now we have connected with Good Taste, the Fair Trade Shop in Broomhill and you can buy our cards there too. Lots more people are seeing them and are making a connection with ASSIST. If you would like to buy some cards please get in touch. Or if you can increase our connections by including us in an event you are running please let us know.

If you would like to fundraise for ASSIST, either as an individual or a group, please get in touch.