How you can help ASSIST during the pandemic

May 4, 2020

Donate - so we can keep distributing welfare payments throughout the pandemic

Donate online or go to our Donate page to find out about other ways of giving.  If you are able to set up a regular monthly donation that would be great, but we really appreciate one-off donations too.

Donate via our 'Coffee morning' 

We're asking you to donate the price of your morning coffee, your lunch, a round of drinks, a dinner in a restuarant...whatever it is you may be saving by staying safe at home. During lockdown ASSIST is working hard to keep our clients safe at home too. To help us continue doing this for as long as we need to go to ASSIST's Coffee Morning on Facebook.

Donate stuff now!

Many asylum seekers don’t have smartphones or radios and would like one. Do you have one in the back of a drawer you can donate? We'll collect them (in a socially distanced way) for people to put into use now. Please email

And there are many asylum seeking families in Sheffield who don’t have access to a computer or WiFi. Please visit City of Sanctuary  if you know someone who can...

  • offer funding for a wifi connection or a laptop, or
  • donate a good quality second hand or a new laptop

Collect for later

We are looking for good quality kitchen equipment such as pans, cutlery, knives and mugs, as well as small electrical appliances like kettles and toasters. We also need bedding for single beds and soft furnishings like rugs and cushions.

Get in touch once restrictions have been lifted to organise delivery or collection.

Sell your stuff via online platforms

And donate what you make to ASSIST.

Plant a seed for ASSIST

Once this is all over we can either plant them in ASSIST gardens or turn the produce into healthy, hearty meals for clients.

Get making!

Make things ASSIST can sell in the future or you can sell now. Particularly jam!

Facemasks - if you are able to make facemasks for our clients please get in touch.

Get sponsored for your lockdown activity

If you're filling your time by making NHS scrubs or keeping fit by going up and down stairs lots of times why not get your friends to sponsor you in aid of ASSIST for doing it? If you're making face masks or baking for friends and family, ask them to make a donation to ASSIST in return.

Tell us what you do to keep mentally and physically well

Suggest online courses, walks, online concerts and crafts so we can share ideas with our clients.

Support SYMAAG’s campaign for wifi in asylum housing

Go to to add your signature.

Join us on social media and spread the word!

One way you can help us is to make sure all your contacts in Sheffield know about ASSIST and the work we do. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sign up for our newsletters using the form at the bottom of this website.