ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution


ASSIST is recruiting!

15 May 2015 ASSIST is now recruiting a Community and Events Officer Salary: £18,500 per annum pro rata for 17.5 / 35 hoursHours: 17.5 hours per week, worked on a flexible basis. This is an exciting opportunity to use your skills, energy and enthusiasm to make a real difference to a vibrant local charity which supports destitute asylum seekers.

Walk for refugees

15 May 2015 Sponsored Walk: Sunday, June 14th, 2015 __________________________________ MAGNA CARTA, 1215-2015 Celebrate 800 years of progress on Human Rights Oppose government plans to curtail those rights 800 years ago, on June 15th 1215 at Runnymede, King John agreed, under pressure from an alliance of feudal barons, to sign the “Great Charter of the Liberties”. It was the first step towards acceptance of human rights and civil liberties as crucial elements of a free society.

Come to World Over on 20th June

14 May 2015 Please join us once again for our World Over concert on 20th June 2015, 7.30pm, at St Andrew’s Hall, Nether Edge, S11 9AL. Back by popular demand, ASSIST Sheffield presents to you the World Over concert! This year World Over has had a makeover! Instead of focusing on the numerous different cultures that are present in Sheffield, we have decided to explore the hugely diverse set of cultures from one continent: Africa!

Join the ASSIST Big Tea Party! Spread the truth about asylum & raise some funds for us

12 May 2015 By popular demand, we are once again running the ASSIST Big Tea Party this year! Sign up here to host a Tea Party. The launch of this year’s Big Tea Party will happen at our World Over event on 20 June, and you can hold your Tea Party any time after that date and before the end of the summer

A Fantastic Opportunity: The Westheimer Health and Social Care Scholarship

7 May 2015 This scholarship has been created by the Schwab & Westheimer Trusts to help young asylum seekers pursue higher education in social care, medicine, nursing or related professions. To find out more go to the Refugee Support Network website

Share a positive migrant story

28 Apr 2015 Are you an immigrant? Or maybe the child, in law, partner of one? Share your story on this website to explain what that connection and background means to you. Or just have a read of the inspiring stories from all over the UK showing how immigrants make this country better: Then tell others! Let’s change the way we talk about immigration. A formal poster campaign has been launched with 15 campaign faces and you can read more about it on these websites:

We are a Waitrose charity for May!

26 Apr 2015 ASSIST has been chosen as a charity for Waitrose in central Sheffield to support in the month of May. Every month three local charities are chosen to receive a proportion of £1000 from the store, and shoppers are given tokens at the end of their shop so they can cast a vote to decide who gets the biggest amount. So if you are passing by and need to top up your shopping please vote for ASSIST! The dates to visit are 1st May-31st May and the store is Waitrose at 1-3 Ecclesall Road.

Vicky's cafe raises £4500

26 Apr 2015 A very special fundraising initiative has raised an incredible amount of money for ASSIST this year. Supporter Vicky Seddon hosted meals in her home over several dates, and here is her message to all those who took part: “Vicky’s Cafe has achieved its purpose: it has helped Vicky to raise the her £3500 target. In fact, with the Cafe and her 70th birthday gifts, the total is now £3681.58. And that is before the gift aid is added on, which will bring it to about £4500.

Asylum seeker scholarships

26 Apr 2015 Sheffield University is offering two special scholarships to study any undergraduate degree – these are open to asylum seekers and those who have previously claimed asylum and are unable to access mainstream student finance (for example if they now have discretionary leave to remain). Applications must be in before the end of May. For more see here:

Got a spare room? Could you be an ASSIST host?

18 Apr 2015 We are looking for… Anyone who would be willing to lend their spare room to an asylum seeker… weekend hosts, providing accommodation on Saturday and Sunday nights when our night shelter is shut. longer term hosts who would be prepared to host a client for a few weeks or months at a time. To find out more go to Could you be an ASSIST host?