Richard, House Visitor volunteer

I'm a special needs teacher. In my spare time I volunteer as a House Visitor, keeping in regular contact with clients who live in one of the houses ASSIST offers to homeless asylum-seekers. 

As a House Visitor I enjoy helping the clients to have a sense of security and stability after what has probably been a very stressful and worrying time living hand to mouth before receiving a room in an ASSIST house. I like being able to help practically with the running of the house and settling in new residents. I get the chance to meet amazing people who have overcome countless obstacles and am privileged to get an insight into the lives of people from very different backgrounds and cultures from my own.

I have become very impressed by the resilience and determination of the people that have struggled to arrive in Sheffield and the optimism they retain in often very trying circumstances. Volunteering with ASSIST has made me put into perspective any problems I may encounter in my own life. I began volunteering with ASSIST with relatively little knowledge regarding the difficulties that people faced when they are homeless due to being refused asylum.

Ric, ASSIST volunteer