Chish, ASSIST client

I felt rejected, alone and in despair until I found ASSIST. They provided a roof over my head, support and hope for the future.

ASSIST wouldn’t exist without its family of supporters

ASSIST Sheffield helps destitute asylum seekers by providing accommodation, advice and other support to those in most need or distress. We’re a charity and we’re totally reliant on volunteers, grants and the generosity of the people of Sheffield and the surrounding area.

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  • The Well Dressed Band

    Come to our Fundraising Ceilidh

    Get your dancing shoes on and join us for a fundraising Ceilidh with the Well Dressed Band.

  • Elizabeth, ASSIST client

    When my asylum claim appeal was rejected I was removed from my accommodation. It was a worrying time...

  • Ric, ASSIST volunteer

    Richard, House Visitor volunteer

    I volunteer as a House Visitor, keeping in regular contact with clients who live in one of the houses ASSIST offers...

Marre and Emmanuel, ASSIST Hosts

We host because we strongly feel no human being should be without a home and sleeping on the streets. 

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