Leon's story

I arrived in the UK in 2008. Two years after I first applied for asylum I got an initial refusal...I was destitute.

ASSIST wouldn’t exist without its family of supporters

ASSIST Sheffield helps destitute asylum seekers by providing accommodation, advice and other support to those in most need or distress. We’re a charity and we’re totally reliant on volunteers, grants and the generosity of the people of Sheffield and the surrounding area.

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  • Could you be an ASSIST Trustee?

    We're looking for some new ASSIST Trustees.The role of our Trustees is to support the charity to grow...

  • X, ASSIST client

    X is 50 years old and has been living in the UK for nearly 18 years and has been receiving help from ASSIST...

  • Jon, NIghtshelter volunteer

    Jon, Night Shelter volunteer

     I heard about the night shelter and suddenly realised that this might be something I could do...

  • Wind turbines in a field on a sunny day

    ASSIST Switches to 100% Green Energy

    From now on, all ASSIST houses will use 100% green energy!

  • Christmas Festival of Music 2019

    Featuring John Reilly (the voice of Boy on a Dolphin), with the Stannington Brass Band, the Sheffield Community Choir...

  • Ian runs the London Marathon for ASSIST

    A big shout out to all our fundraisers

    Thank you to each and every person who has donated to ASSIST over the years, either directly or via a friend...

Emma and Matt, ASSIST Hosts

We started hosting not just because we wanted to provide shelter and security for people who had been left with nothing.

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