ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

ASSIST's Super Saturday

On Saturday the 3rd of November, ASSIST ran a stall at the Peace and Craft fair selling affordable Christmas presents and uniquely designed cards, previously created by asylum seekers and volunteers at a craft event. ASSIST provided informative literature and enthusiastic volunteers to attract and enlighten the public about the charity. It is fair to say that the event was a success, with a few donation forms well placed upon the table.

The excitement continued at Harland Café, where author Bob Boyton treated readers to small insights into his new book, Bomber Jackson Does Some, which follows the struggles of an ex-boxer. It is the first novel from the Londoner, his writing talents previously being applied to his short stories.Before beginning his reading, Bob advertised his books at £8.00, ‘a bargain because they’re normally £7.50’. This humour can been seen in Bomber’s stereotypical judgement of the characters, such as the man in the train station bar who ‘looked like a Perkins’ (Ch. 1) and the waitress, labelled ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, who could have ‘opened a safe’ with the coarseness of her voice (Ch. 6). Although the book will keep you entertained, it also overtly addresses political issues, such the treatment of the working-class and the resulting concerns of poverty.

Thank you to all the volunteers and visitors that attended either event on Saturday. Every fundraising event allows ASSIST to support destitute asylum seekers. If you want to get involved we will always have an event that you can help out at.

(Thanks to ASSIST volunteer, Kayleigh Gray for this account of our Super Saturday)