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Challenging asylum destitution

Hostile Environment The Culture of Disbelief & Conscious Cruelty

As part of the Festival of Debate we have the following event:

A ‘culture of disbelief’ in the Home Office has devastated the lives of many seeking asylum in the UK, but does it reflect a wider culture in our society? The way benefit claimants are treated has also been described as a process of ‘conscious cruelty’. Recent revelations concerning the treatment of the Windrush generation are arguably the tip of the iceberg. Refused asylum seekers have borne the brunt of the ‘hostile environment’ for many years. Expert speakers set the context, and those who have suffered from our society’s lack of compassion, including a representative from the Windrush generation itself tell of their experiences. A diverse panel discuss the issues from a range of different perspectives, with opportunity for discussion and questions.

Entry is FREE, however make sure you reserve tickets on the Festival of Debate website:

Central United Reform Church
Wednesday 16th May 6-8pm