ASSIST Sheffield

Challenging asylum destitution

About us

ASSIST Sheffield is currently the only Sheffield charity focused on destitution among asylum seekers.

Our aims

  • To provide accommodation, food and support for asylum seekers in Sheffield who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress
  • To advance the education of the public, and other statutory and voluntary organisations, in order to assist the inclusion of asylum seekers into the wider community
  • To raise awareness about the plight of asylum seekers in our city

Who we help

We help asylum seekers whose initial claims have been rejected, and who are therefore destitute.

We only give support to people who can demonstrate their situation.

Unfortunately, we cannot support everyone who needs help. We prioritise those who don’t have any other means of support from friends or family, those who do not have somewhere safe to sleep or regular access to food and those who are particularly vulnerable, for example because they are unwell, elderly or pregnant.

Our funding

We are completely reliant for our funding on grants and on donations from people like you.

How we are organised

ASSIST is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation run by a Board of Trustees.

We have two full-time paid workers and three part-time paid workers. Everyone else is a volunteer. Some of our volunteers are asylum seekers themselves.

Our volunteers work in teams, each with a team leader. For more information go to our Volunteer page.

To find out more about us…

Come and chat to us at one of the many events we attend around the city, or download our latest Annual Report (PDF format)